We do not compromise when it comes to quality on any of our products. If the prints are properly stored and handled, they can last for more than 100 years.

Don’t touch the printed area

It’s very important to not touch the area on the print where pigment ink has been laid down (yes, even when wearing gloves!) Matte papers achieve their matte finish by dispersing light with dine velvet like fibers, so if you touch or rub, traces of the contact will be left visible.


When storing your print, use a layer of production to protect from scuffing and rubbing such as archival plastic or tissue paper. If using tissue paper, make sure it’s acid free and archival with no texture. Textured paper can scuff the print. Plastic is a safer choice.

Keep it cool, dry and shady

If you want your prints to last for generation make sure to keep it dry, cool and out of direct sunlight.

Archival framing

The ideal place for your print is framed behind glass. It will keep the print protected from physical damage. Be sure to talk about archival options with your framer. Cheaper alternatives often include non archival glue/acids that can damage your print over time.

We currently offer lightweight oak frames with a Scandinavian design aesthetic. They are made from 100% natural Pennsylvania oak wood. Each frame comes with artglass (AR70) that protects your artwork from harmful UV rays. This type of glass is trusted by museums and art collectors worldwide. This glass will also minimize glare and reflections.